September 28, 2008

for the first time--i'm a sponsor

while attending the Saturday 5:00pm mass, a representative priest from CFCA (christian foundation for children and aging) talked about how to sponsor a child or an aging person from a third world country. for some reason my heart was touched and was convinced that for only $30.00 a month of donation, I can change the life or give hope to a poor child. of course i chose a child from the Philippines, help your own country men nga diba?

this is an coincidence, since just few days ago, my co-worker and i was just talking about the poor in the Philippines. since we were done eating our packed dinner, we were touched by our consciences that the food we are about to throw could actually feed a family. and our conversation went on to we should sponsor a child since we are so blessed with such good life here in the US. then this thing came up during the mass. so i know for sure this is God's sign for me.
welcome folder given to us with my child's information

this is my beautiful sponsored girl. she is 15 years old from Quezon city

if ever you also want to sponsor a child or an aging on the link on top...share your blessings and God will reward you!!!


zachyounkin said...

Hey There!!!

Thanks so much for posting and taking a proactive stance on child poverty.

I would like to bring attention, however, to Compassion International, a child sponsorship organization based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Compassion is an amazing organization, one that I can vouch for. Please check them out at

trinity said...

zachyounkin...thank you for dropping by...

just sharing my blessing here...nothing special!!!