September 18, 2008

crazy LV game

ms. benz from my n@w e-group decided to have this crazy raffle game. for the amount of 1000 pesos or $25 i was entitled with 2 stubs in the fishbowl where the winner will have enough funds to buy her own louis vuitton purse. at first we were worried that there won't be enough participant for the funds but towards the end there were enough players that we would even have consolation cash prizes.

the drawing will be sept. 19 5:30pm manila time!!!

excited na ako...good luck sa lahat nang n@wies na sumali!!!! but i'm hoping na ako manalo!!!!

**** i didn't win the raffle :( **** can you believe that there were enough funds for two LV winners, so i would like to congratulate my n@wie sisters abbie y. and lia h. for winning the grand prize!!! enjoy your new babies!!! ****


Mec said...

no word yet as to who won??? :)

anyway, happy weekend sis!

carlamaldita said...

naku isa din ako sa mga talunan..hehe!