July 8, 2008


last thursday my hubby was bugging me to buy him a Wii console. i thought he was just teasing me, since i have been teasing (or may i say really asking) him to buy me so much expensive stuffsssss. so i just said "yes" so just that he would leave me alone. aba, to my surprise he started calling different stores to inquire if they have a Wii console in stock. that very moment, i figured out, that him wanting a Wii is not a joke and he is dead serious in getting one. unfortunately, after calling all nearby best buy store, toys r us, target and walmart, they were still out of stock!!! (ganon parin pala ka-demand itong game na ito...lahat out of stock!!) one best buy told my husband that they will be getting shipment in few days and was advised that he should try this sunday. oh but, my hubby wants his game right there and then...so he kept trying...until he found a circuit city store that has 2 console left. as soon as he heard that off we went and bought the game.

so after $450.00 deducted to our account i have a very smiling hubby.

my hubby is really not a video game enthusiast. actually this is the first game that he really begged me to purchase. i don't know what got to him that all of a sudden he needs to have one!!!

we both have a sore right shoulder and arm from playing too much Wii. the first night that we got it, we played until 5am!!!


jetty said...

My hubs and my daughter love this toy -haha- if I'm in the mood i play with them sometimes...love the billiards and the tennis.

Have fun with your new toy! You and your hubs will definitely love this!

ElectroniX said...

I love my Wii!!! I got mine for $230!!! YEAH!!!


Wont find it for less!!!

Mec said...

awww... my husband would be envious :D

Mec of Hope This Helps You

caryn said...

coolness! i haven't really tried the wii yet, but it seems a big hit here in tokyo. at least, it helps families do activities together ;-)