July 5, 2008

4th of july 2008

it's my first time to try to capture fireworks in my camera. i ended up taking over 300 pictures during the 20 minutes fireworks display, but sad to say, only few are nice (or may i say decent) enough to post here in my site.

well one thing i know i did wrong is that i did not use a tripod. i was holding my camera all through out the time and the camera shake is what makes almost all of of shots blurry!!! second, i just didn't know the right settings for fireworks...i heard that i should be in a slow shutter speed but since i was holding my camera, i set it up in a faster settings. then to make it even faster speed, i put my ISO setting in 1600...ayyyy all my pictures have so much noise in it!!!

oh well...i guess i still need to do more and more practice in terms of night photography.

but i will still share some pictures which i think is nice enough to brag!!!


jody said...

Grabe, ang ganda ng fireworks!

Suzanne said...

Lovely, Trin! Most fave ko itong 3rd to the last photo. Keep on practicing!

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