March 3, 2008

TIME...wait for me...

it's 4:50am right now and i just woke up.... maybe your thinking that i'm an early riser noh? but see, i slept at around 4 in the afternoon yesterday!! yes that means i slept for 12 hours straight!! grabe, so i am in major zomby feeling right now.... i just remember that we were watching the lakers game yesterday and it was a beautiful day kaya my hubby told me that after that game we should go to santa monica pier to watch the sunset and play a little in their mini carnival area and dine out for dinner. so the game ended about past 3pm na..i jumped to bed because i got somewhat tired cheering for the lakers (kahit dito lang kami sa bahay...bigay todo ang cheer ko...good thing they won!!) that i told hubby to go ahead and take a shower before me....... and that's the last thing i know....... i remember my husband kissing me and telling me to wake up but i was too weak and sleepy to wake up.

so's monday early morning and my 4 days off is again.... hhaayyy...bakit kaya pag day-off mo super bilis ng oras?