March 6, 2008

getting it...

last night me and hubby was having our sweet conversations about our future...we talked about what do we see ourselves in a year, and in 5 years and 10 years from now...we have similarities, but what surprises me is that we have quite a few of dissimilarities...

well we are now in a part of our life where we can say we are stable...emotionally, physically, spiritually and mostly financially!!! we are now in our life where our wants are different from before. it's funny how when we were talking about what we want or wishes for, we have have a different ways of plans on how to achieve all those...then being suckers for music... thought of lyrics that will be matching with our thoughts

hubby chose this one:

*** as you can see with the lyrics he chose, he is willing to work and plan things. he is not the type that will just jump into things, he first needs to study what he's going into and he always needs to have a plan B, just in case it did not turn out the way it should be...!! this is one trait that i really love about him...very responsible.... i can trust my (our) life to him, that if something happens to me, he will be able to make wise decisions****

and here's mine:

***totally opposite of hubby..i am very impatient...if i want something..i better get it as soon as possible!!****

hay..we had such a good laugh last night!!