February 22, 2008

ooppss..i did it again

hay due to lenten season, i pledged not eat meat every friday. and to my surprise (not really intenting to do it) i ate meat again for the second time around. see last week, i brought home my left-over ribs from our valentine dinner date. and since i am used to my graveyard work schedule, even if i'm off work, i am still awake at night and sleep through the day!! so eto na....friday last week got hungry around 1:30am so my instinct is to heat up my left-over ribs. as soon as i finish eating i looked up to check on the time...so ayun officially friday na!! i told my husband, and he told me na ok lang hindi ko naman daw sinasadya....to not feel too guilty!!

here it goes again...i woke up from a very deep whole night sleep (sarap..been awhile since i had a full 6 hours of sleep at night..mostly in the morning ako natutulog eh!!). so eto na naman ako..super hungry....i saw that there are still left over pork sinigang from yesterday...kaya went straight to the microwave ang food ko and after that enjoyed it!!

aaaahh while bloghopping, i remember that it's friday today...hhhmmm...ewan ko na gagawin ko!! violated na naman ako sa pledge ko...sana patawarin ako ni God!!!