February 8, 2008

converse one

we were doing our weekly rounds at target this morning when we spotted that they now carry converse one apparel. we went crazy because their style was so nice and they are all priced so reasonably!! so here..we went for some shampoo and lotion and here's what we ended up getting!!!

Converse® One Star® Oxford Shirt - School Blue

Converse® One Star® Sport Shirt - Federal Blue

Converse® One Star® Track Jacket - Federal Blue

Women's Converse® One Star® Oxfords - White

hubby on the other hand got 2 jackets...he was supposed to buy the same shoes, but they don't have his size so we're going to check out other target location tomorrow!!

converse...i'm loving it!!


Yen said...

Ayayay! Nag shopping ha:) Gusto ko yung shoes,sis! Nice stuff! :D