January 11, 2008

what i'm grateful for

eds is passing this meme to me...thanks alot sis!!!

overall i am very happy and thankful on how my life is turning out right now...

  1. first, i am thankful for my parents who is always there if i need help and guidance. they molded me to what i am right now..... (super bait na person!!! hehehe)
  2. second, to my very understanding and giving husband...like i've been telling him all the time he is my true strength in this world
  3. third, to my very rewarding nursing career...not just because of the paycheck i see every other week but the fulfillment at the end of the day knowing that i help my patient feel alittle bit better
  4. forth, to my very loving in-laws...i am very lucky to have such loving in-laws not only to mom and dad but to my brothers-in-law and the hubbys extended family as well
  5. lastly to our continuing good health....

i enjoyed doing this... it's quite often that i sit down and list all the things i am grateful for... most of the time i think and plan on more material things, but come to think of it..my love ones are the most important and i am most grateful for

so sisters (nol, yette, nina, and jesse) it's your turn to think on what blessings your thankful for