January 5, 2008

project 365

thanks to my co-bebot joy, i am now committing myself in a year long project!! this is called project 365. this way we will be able to document each day of the year by means of photography!! isn't that fun!! it could be pictures of anything!!

and since i got my canon dslr camera, i am really into photography now!! before i just like to be the one being photograph, but now i found another sense of fulfillment being behind the camera and seeing your pictures come to life. because of that, i've been taking pictures of everything around our house...that i even heard my husband told me "babes pati ba naman kutsara at tinidor walang kawala sa pag-pi-picture mo!!"

but i will be tweaking the rules of this project. since there would be times that i would be working 3 nights in a row...and would be working the whole night and sleeping the whole day, i know i won't be able to take pictures that time...so what i will be doing is, i will be posting 7 pictures a week, signifying my photo-a-day..but there would be times where all pictures would be taken at the same day. but at the end i will still have 365 (or 366 leap year this year!!) pictures to document my whole year!!

isn't this exciting...so wish me luck.....

watch out for my weekly picture posts!!