January 31, 2008

domain registration

Now that I am into paid-blogging world, the next step that I need to do is to get my own domain. My pro-blogger friends told me that having my own domain will give me a better chance of getting assignments. This will also enable me to score a better PR rating. And add to that the prestige of having my named site. So, I researched online on what’s the process of getting my own domain and I came across Paylessdomains. They offer domain registration for my own site. The price is very competitive and they will be the one assisting me in converting my old blog to my new domain. As you all know, I am a newbie on this paid-blogging world, so I have so many questions on how to assemble my site. The good thing about paylessdomains is that they have 24 hours customer service that will help me answer all my questions.

Now you can officially call me a member of the paid blogging group!!