November 12, 2007

whats for breakfast?

as you know eric and i work from 7pm to by the time we get home at around past 8, I, myself is really tired and sleepy! So for breakfast I normally make a quick, tasteful, and healthy meal!!

so here's our typical morning meal!!

2 slices of bagel or toast with cream cheese, slices of little smokie's sausage and slices of fruits, this time we only had oranges in hand!!

because of this we always look forward to our days-off kasi that is when we have ___silog meal!!


Buge said...

Looks yummy! Nakakagutom! Lol! Anyway, sorry if I haven't been dropping by here often and thanks for visiting my blog! :)

Mich said...

hi sis! the food looks yummy! i can eat that everyday! :) buti na lang same kayo ng sched ah. galing!

Joy said...

Looks yummy! Ganyan din shift ni DH dati - it worked for us when we first had DS para di na namin kailangan ng day care kasi I was working then too. Pero when I stopped working na, he moved to day shift. Hirap din kasi kung kami lang ang nasa bahay sa gabi di ba?