November 1, 2007

hello november

october has been a very lie-low for me...i don't know i just hate october very much!! for the past 2 years every october there's always something that would happen that would really hurt me and that would make me cry buckets of tears. iniisip ko nga eh why it coincidence that the most hurtful things in my life always happen during the month of october? well anyways that's why i was not really into myself this month, maybe i've been traumatized too much that this is my way of protecting myself from another pain! but i'm glad to say that as of today...everything is going okei... so life must go on!!

oh addition to that, i am very scaredy-cat and because of the halloween, they are showing too much scary shows!! so i'm always stuck watching the food network channel just to be sure that i'm not going to watch any of those scary stuffs!!!

but today is november first kaya...i'm happy na...and exactly a month from today will be my 26th birthday...!!! ano kayang gagawin namin that day? i have a month to plan it...

gotta go..till the next one.....