October 1, 2007

Trip to Jerusalem

My in-laws just got back from their trip in Israel. Sayang hindi kami nakasama, wala pa kasi kaming vacation hours from work eh!!! Siguro next time, Eric and I surely want to visit the birth place of Jesus Christ. Sabi nga nila, ang sarap daw ng feeling to know that so many years ago Jesus was there and is stepping on the same land as what your stepping at right now...

hopefully soon..makapunta din kami doon!!!

but ofcourse they never come home from a trip without pasalubongs and here it is:

while we were with my in-laws...mom and i decided to have a mother daughter bonding...so what else to do....SHOPPING!!

we left our husbands at home and we went to the nearest mall from their house. I ended up buying 2 sweaters, 1 turtle-neck shirt, 1 while polo shirt, and flat black shoes!!! then mom got 1 sweater and white polo shirt. oh diba...shopping to the max talaga kami!!!

when we got home daddy and eric both said "delicado talaga magsama itong dalawa..mauubos pera natin!!"

hehehe...as you can see i am one of the lucky ones to have such a loving relationship with my in-laws....they are actually my second parents...kasi pag-pinakikila nila ako..youngest daughter daw nila ako!!! no choice as of now I am the only daughter they have..puro kasi boys sila eric eh!!!

gotta go.....still suffering form my viral colds and cough..but it's getting better!!


Joy said...

How nice that you have such a beautiful relationship with your in-laws.
Get better soon! My kids are still sick...hope I don't catch what they have. Asa pa ba?