August 1, 2007

patients vs nurses

10 reason to become a nurse

10. Pays better than McDonald’s (though the hours aren’t as good.)
9. Fashionable shoes and sexy uniforms.
8. Needles: ’tis better to give than to receive.
7. Confidence in reassuring patients that all bleeding stops … eventually.
6. Opportunity to expose yourself to rare, exotic, and exciting new diseases.
5. Interesting aromas.
4. Courteous and infallible doctors who always leave clear orders in perfectly clear handwriting.
3. Do enough charting to navigate around the world.
2. Celebration of holidays with all your friends … at work.
1. Comfort in the knowledge that most of your patients survive no matter what you do to them.

i got my annual physical examination today. inspite being the first patient in the doctors office, it still took me 3 hours before i finished everything. and when it's time to have my blood drawn..hay naku..i need to be poked twice kasi hindi successful yung unang try...actually i just told the phlebotomist to just take out the needle and just try my other arm. paano ba naman hindi na nga nya na-hit yung vein ko, tuloy parin sya sa pag-galaw ng needle sa loob ng skin ko...hello..hindi nya ba alam na mas masakit yung ginagalaw yung needle kesa sa i-insert nalang!!! but i still maintained my composure that time..kasi nga as a nurse i does happen when you cant get it the first time and press your luck na sana ok yung second time around!!! totoo nga yung #8 saying (listed above)..needles are better to give than to receive..!!!