August 14, 2007

Biyahe Tayo

when saw this video and i can't help but feel very homesick!! I've been living here in the US since 1999 and with almost all my immediate family here in the US, I should not be feeling homesick diba? But pinas is so different!! kahit konti lang money mo, tambay ka lang sa labas ng bahay mo or a trip to the mall parang mawawala ang mga problems mo!!

when i just got here, i would cry almost everyday beggin my parents to let me go back home in manila. eto ang mga words na palagi kong naririnig sa kanila "hay naku trinity, kung alam mo lang, people back home will die to have what you have right now" it is true, almost everybody in the philippines dreams of having the oppurtunity to migrate in the US. and when i met my husband, nawala yung lungkot ko and i accepted my new american life.

but to tell you the truth, my husband and i are still planning a way where we can live in manila and still have the same amount of income as nurses here in the US. sabi nga naming dalawa sana parehas na nalang ang suweldo ng mga nurses everywhere, anyways we do the same level of care to our patients naman eh!! kaya dapat magka-business kami..para 6 months sa pinas 6 months dito sa states..diba..super ideal life yun!!

hay..hopefully makauwi kami ulit next year!!