July 2, 2007

July madness

it's already July... half way done year 2007!!! so far this year has been very nice to me..hopefully it stays like that until the end... i'm enjoying not needing to work and being to give my 100% attention to my husband... in addition to my digital scrapbooking...i need to start downloading songs to my i-phone!!! it's pretty cool... i am still not tired playing with the features of my new phone!!! but my dilema now is we need a new computer..our desktop and laptop is still the outdated version of computers. since we are now starting to download music and with all my pictures and files in our computer...it's starting to slow down (anyways to start with it's already slow..!!!) so we are now shopping for the best computer for us and hopefully my first paycheck on my new job we can buy a new one!!! yippeee... that's it for now... here's my newest layout...i tried to stay away from any shade of blue!!!!