July 7, 2007


what a date!! July 7, 2007... i heard from my weddings@work sisters that there are alot of couples planning to get married today..kasi nga naman added bonus na lucky 777 yung anniversary nila (then sabi noong isang sister ko..."naku napakadaling tandaan na nyang anniversary date namin..pag-nakalimutan pa naman ng mister ko yan ewan ko nalang!!!). it must be fun to have such a nice wedding anniversary. when we were planning our wedding we did not really have a significant date to chose from, we just got the one that is the most convenient for us and for our guests!!!

anyways when i woke up this morning i knew that i'm very masuwerte...because i have a wonderful husband right next to me!!! I think even though we fight alot before (hindi na ngayon..we already know each others limit na, kaya we make sure we don't go over that line...we talk everything out nalang!!) we remained together kasi nga our love is stronger than any misfortunes that comes along our life!! Hay, Eric is really a heaven sent to me..sya lang yata ang nakakatiis sa mood swings ko at sa mga kabaliwan ko sa buhay... and he always makes sure that he makes me feel loved every single minute of the day!!! and mostly he supports me 100% on everything that makes me happy (kaya he bought me a new scrapbooking software again yesterday!!! thanks bebe!!)

so what can i say, i might not have a 777 anniversary date...yet i am as lucky as those couple getting married today...maybe even luckier!!!