June 27, 2007

so many time...

i was cancelled to work today..mababa ang census ng mga patients namin!!! well i was somewhat glad..kasi i have this night by myself since, eric has work tonight!!! for the first time today, i can tell myself to just enjoy the moment..the major stressors in my life are all gone..kaya ang sarap ng feeling ko ngayon.. i am just into scrapbooking right now, then with all the stuff that we've accumulated thru the years..i decided to clean and throw away tons of things thats not being used. Our garbage bin outside is full of old clothes, shoes, bags, magazines, and other stuff that is just collecting dust here in our tine apartment!!! grabe... now i'm thinking of what to do tomorrow..i guess i really need to find a new hospital to work for... i gave my two weeks notice kasi today..i need to spread my wings and look for a better place for me to work for. sa sobrang daming options as being a RN, hindi ko tuloy alam kung anong hospital ang pipiliin ko!!! hay buhay...!!!!