June 30, 2007

happy husband

i couldn't blog last night, since eric was using the computer all night and all day today... why, because he got his new i-phone!! so he's a happy camper right now.. it's cool.. that's all i can say about that phone, since i am not really in that technology thing... for me my life is ok if i have my cellphone (kahit ano basta working...!), sony cyber-shot 8.1 megapixel digital camera and sony camcorder in hand...ok na ako.. dati kasi i'm into that my cellphone needs to have a nice camera features..but i don't use my phone to take pics now since my camera has a better picture quality!!! about our ordeal to get that i-phone, super pila pa kami ni eric sa apple store para lang bilhin yun...ang init pa naman noh... well we made it naman, kasi super haba ng line na nag-worry si eric na mauubusan na daw pag-kami na yung nasa harap na kami ng line..but we made it...and during the last minute decision...i got one too (heheheh...pahuhuli ba naman ako? :) !!!!