January 8, 2009

seafood feast

we just finished our seafood feast. and we are so full right now that we didn't even touch our dessert!!

the lobster tails i got from costco and the rest i just got from ralphs supermarket. i just steamed them except the shrimp which i grilled. cooked rice pilaf and steamed some corn and mix vegetables and wwwhhaaallaaa a seafood feast!! syempre with candle light pa kami!!

this is the first time i prepared this kind of dinner... cheaper than if we go out and get it in a restaurant...so now i should do this kind of meal more often!!


Hapi said...

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Faye said...

yummy! sarap!

Suzanne said...

Naku. Hindi ako dapat dumadalaw dito kapag gutom ako dahil lalo akong nagugutom! Haha!

Hey Trin! Happy, happy new year!! More blessings!