January 8, 2009

(just testing on how fast it is to load pics now with our new internet services...ang bilis nga within 10 seconds uploaded na...this is without resizing my pics!!)

yippeee after 2 1/2 weeks of not having a high speed internet..we finally got it today!!

we decided to upgrade and bundle our phone, cable and internet services with time warner and we upgraded our cable receiver to HD so finally we can watch in HD channels and we might as well upgrade our internet service to their high speed turbo internet services!!

so now my online work piled up and here's my to do list:

  • email my mother-in-law our christmas pictures (done)

  • upload pictures of my co-workers in their friendster account (one down one more to go)

  • make a photobook for my big boss of our christmas party pictures (sipsip para malaki salary raise this may!!! yah right makuha ko ito!!) (done pero kinukuripot ako $43..i just need to order this one..but done)

  • book my mom her las vegas airline ticket for her birthday in february

  • update my friendster pics

  • update my blog (getting there)

  • update my flickr (started already)

  • pay my online bills (done)

hay.... one at a time....