December 3, 2008

at the age of 27

spent the whole day with my husband while reading and hearing sweet greetings from everyone i care for. such greetings completed my day!

what did i get:
car payments for 5 years
wireless remote for my canon xti
750gb external hard drive


Twinkie said...

Suweet! Happy birthday Trinity. May you have more healthy and wealthy years to come. :D

Sa 27th birthday ko kaya, would I get atleast half of what you got? Hehehe!

Take care.

ivy said...

Happy Birthday sis! parang kelan lang ang bilis talaga ng panahon. sweet din naman pla si hubby eh.

wish you all the best!A

mari said...

belated happy bday sis :) sweet sweet naman ni hubby mo.
hoping for more birthdays and blessings to come your way!