December 3, 2008

my new wish

(here i am again with the loving the new thing!!)

last year i was begging my husband for a dslr and he gave in to buy me one for christmas. so i did my research and at the end i fell in love with canon rebel xti. but the problem now is during my birthday, we went to the camera shop to buy a wireless remote for my canon and a tripod and during the short stay in the store, i was able to try taking pictures with Nikon D90 and oh my goddness.... I WANT IT!!

(photos copied from nikon)

according to nikon's website :
D90 is "Fusing 12.3-megapixel image quality and a cinematic 24fps D-Movie Mode, the Nikon D90 exceeds the demands of passionate photographers. "

shocking talaga...i really really really want this camera...but this will set me back atleast $1,500.00. so with the go signal with my husband (so just to make me happy daw again this christmas) he will buy it as long as i get my xti sold. aanhin ko naman daw ang dalawang camera and since i will be switching to nikon and all my canon things are not compatible with nikon, i need to sell everything


Faye said...

ang ganda! go get it Trinity ;)

carlamaldita said...

wow! meron ka na din!