December 12, 2008

lakers live

i could not think of a better birthday present for my husband but a lakers tickets.

so with his friends we watched lakers live at staples center last december 10, 2008. lakers was agains phoenix suns (but shaq o'neil was injured that night so we did not see him play!!)

side note:
** on our way to the game....few blocks away from our house, hubby remembered that we forgot the tickets...hay imagine, if we totally forgot...!!! so what can we do but drove back home to get our tickets!!

** as picture mania... i have my pocket camera plus my dslr with my regular and zoom lens!! just to find out that they don't let my zoom lens in because "it's too big" ?what? so i'm left with my regular lens which makes the players look like ants at the pictures!!

at the end...we were all happy because lakers won...!!! galing talaga ng lakers!!!


carlamaldita said...

wow naman.. my hubs would love to watch this live too!