October 10, 2008

paging "blogroll list"

hay naku...few weeks ago i had the energy to re-start my lost blogroll list just to find out the blogrolling.com is been hacked and now all my list are gone...aaaahhh

does this mean i need to redo everything again?

hay buhay nga naman.....

but any of my readers know how to help me...pls. i'm begging you...help!!!


The Wifey Diaries said...

hi! yes, nagpalit na naman ako ng template. ang bagal na kasi mag-load tapos nawala pa page rank. trying to get opps para maraming moolah this christmas. haha. anyway, try creating a blogroll here: http://www.blogrolling.com/ para next time you change templates, you won't have a hard time na doing it from scratch. hope this helps!

Hacker Forums said...

It appears that the admins at blogrolling.com really don't know how to fix this problem. Perhaps their web hosting software was attacked and not just their website.

Hacker Forums