February 20, 2008

thanks nol for passing this to me

1. Today I feel very--- relaxed, didn't need to go to work for 4 nights and got my full 8 hours of sleep.

2. I enjoy --- going out and discovering new places or restaurant with my hubby.

3. I am unhappy when --- one of us is sick.

4. I feel good when --- i see my paycheck every other week.

5. I wish my boss --- wouldn't make us work weekends or holidays anymore (which is imposible since hospitals are open 24/7.

6. My officemates think --- work overtime and save money for the future.

7. My work area is --- is full of brand new moms and newborns (maternity floor)

8. I enjoy reading about --- photography and health related news.

9. I like myself best when --- i manage to finish all my to-do-list on time!!

10. If I had a choice I would --- be rich and be living in manila.

11. I wish --- for an additional member to our family soon!!

12. Tomorrow I would like to --- go out and shop with hubby.

kathy, thet, and jannesse...it's your turn sisters...!!