February 5, 2008

photo-a-day (january 27-february 2, 2008)

"smile" best medicine in the world

"take-out box" my recipe when i'm lazy to cook

"cotton" i'm just running out of things in mind to take picture of!!!

"all-time remedy"
NO i did not overdose myself while doing this!!!

"keys"can't go anywhere with out this stuff!!!

"prayer" when i'm down..this is what i always do!!!


four of the my most important jewelries. the yellow gold was from our civil wedding and the white gold was from our church wedding!!


Dyes said...


nice pics! i esp like the cotton. i wonder why. (which reminds me of a radio ad: ano? sinong bungi?) hehehe :) just hopping around :D

Mich said...

hi Trinity! funny yung comment mo about our trip ha! hahaha! Even Hubby laughed. hehe! Tama ka, may milagro nangyayari. LOL!

lovely photos by the way! ;)

YETTE said...

kung hei fat choi!! just dropping by for a quick peek. have a wonderful day! =D

Nancy said...

hi..nice blogposts u have here..hope ur having a gr8 day today...keep posting..would apreciate if you could stop by to my pages here:



vanniedosa said...

nice pictures!

i especially like the ring pics...
nice church wedding rings!:)

Agring said...

love the wedding rings!!
BTW yong photo ko sunrise yon not sunset..hehe
My final week is up na rin pero Jan. lang!!!
I hope you are feeling much better!!!