February 2, 2008

oh my...

i forgot today is saturday...and i was supposed to post my photo-a-day...but i haven't even opened my camera for the whole week...i am really in this lazy mode right now... acutally i am schedule to work tonight..but my migraine came to visit me this afternoon and it was so bad that i was not able to catch some sleep this morning. I was just in bed the whole day, the pain is so much that even my extra strength tylenol is not working. and worst part of it even the light of the television or the computer is causing my migrane to get worst. and during this time my sweet husband bought me chinese food, for i was not able to cook dinner. then guess what happen....i don't know if it's the high dose of tylenol or just the chinese food...i had bad diarrhea on top of my migraine!!! so i am just a mess right now...already swallowed enough imodium that now i know will give me constipation by tomorrow!! aaahhh.....i think this is from the wishful thinking of my co-nurses...i could just hear them right now..."trinity why did you call-in-sick...now we need to cover your patients!!"


vanniedosa said...

hope you feel better trinity!

got u tagged --> http://vanniedosa.wordpress.com/2008/02/04/tagged-knowing-me-knowing-you/