February 5, 2008

need money now

Just finished talking with my friend who is having financial difficulties right now. She was telling me that all the bad luck is coming into her life right now. First when her car broke down last week and needed to be repaired, second was when she needed to have her tooth fix last weekend for she could not bear another day of toothache, and third is will not be paid until 2 weeks from now and all her funds in her bank is completely wiped out already. I could not bear to hear her stories. I admire how strong willed woman she is that in spite all the hardships that she is going through, she still has this strong will to live and face her problems. I told her that I can only lend her some amount of money for now, since our money is being reserved for our house down payment. She was very grateful for the help I was able to give her, but is still not enough to pay her necessities. Since it is the fist week of the month and her rent is due soon, I asked her if she is willing to do cash advance. She have heard about it before but had no idea how to do it. I explained to her that she can do a payday loan. Where the company can lend her the usual amount of income that she gets every two weeks and it will be deposited directly to her checking account. This money will help her pay her rent. And by the time her check comes in she will be able to repay the company of her loan. She taught that this was a good idea and she thank me for educating her about payday loans. So to my dear friend, good luck on everything and hope everything turns out okay!