September 9, 2007

new looks

i've been planning to get my hair done since last week. my last haircut was 3 months ago, and the ends are starting (i mean started!!) to get dry already!! so i told myself that i should really have my hair cut by tuesday!!

while browsing wella's blog found this site and decided to give it a try!!

what do you think?

P.S. eric likes it more when my hair is short..weird ha?...because majority of the men that i've known gets turned on when a girl has long hair...


Mich said...

My Hubby wants long hair for me, pero nung nakita na nya yung short hair, eh bagay pa din naman daw (baka wla lang choice!) LOL! Good luck! :)

gwapasila said...

thanks Trinity for the visit and tag...i have to try that make-over thing. TC